Season 4: Episode 3 “Glamazons vs Champions”

…but this episode really should be titled: The One Where Nick Tries to Read a Review and Fails”. Seriously, please stay tuned until the end of this episode and you will be gleeful.

On today’s episode, we discuss Justice for Princess!!! Also, Phi Phi and Kenya both prove to be bullies, the OG workroom battle (Party City vs Showgirl) is starting to bubble, and of COURSE…..THAT LIP SYNC!!!!

We also discuss subway pain and Amanda’s day of HORROR. Nick is hilarious in this episode too guys, seriously.  ENJOY!!!!

An EXTRA special shout out to our OFFICIAL VIP Squirrel Friends who are keeping the lights on at SFCH Productions:

Paige Watts, Molly Harrington, Mitch & Cheeeps, Rosie Wallis, and Luke Stammen!

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