Season 4 : Episode 14 “Reunited”

One word: Paulie. WALNUTS. Amanda, with an Activia in hand, kicks of this episode with a suspenseful retelling of Paulie Walnuts’ escape and triumphant homecoming. The hosts mourn the death of the word “Yasss!” by paying tribute to the first time they ever heard it #ripYAS. Amanda unveils a spot on impression of Madame Laqueer’s confusing but charming segment at the reunion and Nick expresses his frustration in Billy B and Santino’s cringeworthy delivery of “Good Luck, and don’t f*ck it up.” Enjoy!

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Paige Watts, Andre Platts, Molly Harrington, Mitch & Cheeeps, Rosie Wallis, Luke Stammen, Zee Machine, Arturo Esteve, Michael Cannon, Lochary Skidmore, Sharonda, Jonathan Hradecky, and Liam Campbell!

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