Season 5: Episode 3 “Draggle Rock”

Welcome to the show, Children! Wanna see my box?

Today’s episode is truly a labor of love, as Nick and Amanda go through many trials and tribulations to get this episode out on TOYM. We get an AMAZING workroom confrontation between Coco and Alyssa, some of the most lifeless acting we’ve ever seen by Vivian, and can we all agree that Alaska dressing in boy rag is NOT A BIG DEAL? Jesus. Anyway….enjoy!!!!

An EXTRA special shout out to our OFFICIAL VIP Squirrel Friends who are keeping the lights on at SFCH Productions:

Paige Watts, Andre Platts, Molly Harrington, Mitch & Cheeeps, Rosie Wallis, Luke Stammen, Zee Machine, Arturo Esteve, Michael Cannon, Lochary Skidmore, Sharonda, Jonathan Hradecky, Liam Campbell, and Meredith McFarland!

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